Brew Theology: Jax

There’s a category 5 hurricane heading toward Florida right now, so obviously things are a little tense, but I wanted to go ahead and break the news about something big in the works. We’re still waiting to hear back from a few folks, but it’s looking pretty official:


Thomas Garrett and I have been talking and praying over some sort of program for several months (usually over a good beer at Aardwolf). Both of us have seen a need for inclusive, conversation-driven spaces where people from all faiths can come and exchange ideas, but a meeting at the Wild Goose Festival gave these hopes some direction. While at the festival, Jessi and I, along with Tim Kerr of Beer & Hymns, had a handful of conversations with Ryan Miller, one of the founders of the Denver-based Brew Theology. Ryan’s passion for good beer and good conversation was contagious, and as Tim and Jessi and I learned about the program, all of us felt like Jacksonville would benefit from something similar. When I got back and discussed the program with Thomas, I could tell it resonated with him. So here’s what’s in the works.

BrewTheopodcastrevisedWhat is Brew Theology?
Brew Theology is a space for people of all spiritual outlooks to explore the values and experiences that have shaped us. These gatherings are exclusively discussion-driven, and these discussions are intentionally guided by multiple faith perspectives. Thomas and I are collaborating with StoryHouse, Beer & Hymns, Urban Soul, and other ministries around town, so don’t be surprised if some themes overlap here and there!

When is it?
Either every Tuesday or every other Tuesday. Thomas and I are still getting a sense for what demand will be (not to mention what our schedules will allow!).

Where is it?
We’re currently eyeing Aardwolf Brewing Company as our regular location, but we’d love to see other facilitators start similar programs in bars and coffee shops around town. Brew Theology was designed with replication in mind, and with so many great venues around town and so many qualified leaders, we’d love to see others try this out.

Why are y’all doing this?
We’ve reached a point in our culture where we’re very good at talking past each other, and Brew Theology calls on us to sit down, reflect, and talk with our neighbors. It’s an opportunity to learn from each other, regardless of where we are on our journeys.

Who will attend?
YOU! Okay, seriously, Brew Theology is specifically designed to bring together people from a wide range of spiritual perspectives and backgrounds, so it’s open to anyone who’s willing to listen and talk with people of other faiths, nationalities, education levels, etc.

Again, we’re still waiting on a few more things to come together, but we’re looking forward to getting underway. I hope you’ll join us!

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