Fear of Christians

About a month ago, I was hanging up posters for Intersections, and for the first time in a while, an old fear resurfaced. I went into a known Christian-owned business, and whereas most businesses had been fine with my hanging up posters, the response here was a reluctant “I’ll have to ask my manager.” I […]

Flavoring Spirits

I know the recipes on here can appear complicated at times, so here’s a simple one involving only a couple of mason jars, a strainer, and some patience. There are many ways to flavor spirits before, during, and after the distillation process. Infusion and compounding involve modifying a base alcohol before distillation, while introducing new […]

Fixing Accountability Culture

When I first moved to Jacksonville, an area minister reached out to me and offered to be my “accountability partner.” At this point in my life, I had only been back in church for five years (most of which had been spent in mainline congregations), so when those words came through his lips, they were […]

The Jägerita: Yes, It Works

“No way. I haven’t touched that stuff since college.” “Seriously? You put that in a cocktail? That? Really?” “Dude, we’re not 22 anymore. Don’t even start with the Jäger.” It seems like every time I mention this drink, this is how people respond, and the toughest part of making this drink is convincing people to try it. The Jägerita […]

Man Club

The smell of smoke hung thick in the air in the breezeway under the McBride Dormitory at Kenyon College. Gathered around an octagonal picnic table, a group of freshman boys —all experimenting with facial hair to varying degrees of success— sat puffing on cigars and talking about… um… “man stuff.” The scene was intentionally comical […]

The Julep Mint Tournament

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend! For international readers, the Derby is America’s most famous annual horse race, and Derby viewing parties are a big tradition in America (especially the South). Derby parties are a great excuse to wear comically large hats and seersucker suits and pretend to be fancy while guzzling bourbon. The signature drink of the Derby is […]

NAZIS! (Part Three)

The two previous posts address the history of the English and American eugenics movements, so make sure to check those out before reading this. In this post, we’ll explore the consequences of the eugenics movement in our modern era. As the old saying goes, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Although the heyday of the eugenics […]