On Foot Washing

Maundy Thursday is the day when we remember Jesus’s last supper with his disciples. The name “maundy” comes from the same root word as “mandate,” and it refers to Jesus’s command to love others, exhibited through his washing the disciples’ feet and teaching them the communion meal. Many Christians still honor Maundy Thursday by washing […]

Jesus Is for All Y’all

There’s a shortcoming in the English language that most other languages don’t share. In English, “you” can mean either one person or several people depending on context, and this can lead to a lot of sketchy Bible interpretation. Promises and commands in the Bible that are meant for a wide audience are misinterpreted as being for […]

A Quick Life/Ministry Update

Hey folks, I’m heading into a really busy couple of weeks, so I wanted to give a general update since posts in April will likely be a little inconsistent. The Difficult News Two weeks ago, I interviewed for a residency position. Residency is a year-long chaplaincy education program with a livable stipend, so getting the position would have enabled […]